They Were Following Crowd – She was Following Jesus

Have you ever felt like the world was against you? That no matter what you tried, it wasn’t enough? That’s how the woman with the issue of blood in felt. She had spent all her money on doctors and done everything the world said to do, but still, she was not healed. Until one day when she heard about Jesus. She believed that if she touched the hem of His garment, she would be made whole. And so it was! Let’s explore this miracle in more detail.

The woman in Mark 5 had been suffering from her illness for twelve years and had been seeking a cure ever since. In desperation, she heard of Jesus and believed that if only she could touch Him, He could heal her. So, when Jesus arrived at her town with a large crowd in tow, she took her chance and pressed through the crowd to reach Him. Despite hundreds of people touching Him, it was only when this woman touched His garment that He felt power go out from Him!

This is a powerful reminder that miracles happen when we have faith and believe. Even though there were hundreds of people around Jesus, He stopped for this woman because she believed that she would be made whole! No matter our background or past mistakes—God is always waiting for us to believe in Him so He can perform a miracle in our lives too!

This story reminds us why we should never give up hope—even if we have tried everything else first. When we put our trust in God and ask Him for help, miracles will happen! We should also remember to be thankful for every miracle God gives us—no matter how small or big it may seem to us. Let’s keep believing and keep trusting because only then can we unlock God’s power to perform amazing miracles in our lives!