How To Put God First In The New Year

How To Put God First In The New Year

The New Year is a time for reflection and goal setting. We often make resolutions that are centered around our own wants, needs, and desires. But this New Year gives us an opportunity to put God first in all that we do. Here’s some ideas about how to do this:

Setting Goals That Honor God
When it comes to setting goals, think of things that will honor God rather than just serve our own interests. This includes goals such as committing to reading the Bible daily or spending more time in prayer. It could also include community-based goals like volunteering or offering your talents to a ministry. These are great ways to focus on serving others and glorifying God rather than yourself.

Living Out Your Faith
Another way to put God first in the New Year is by living out your faith every single day. By taking active steps towards living according to Biblical principles even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. It also means being an example of Christ’s love for others—even those who may not believe in Him—regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. It also means actively seeking ways to grow closer to God throughout the year no matter what life throws your way.

Serving Others with Joy
When you put God first, you will be able to better serve others with joy instead of grudgingly sacrificing your time and energy. When you have a heart devoted towards honoring and pleasing God, you will be eager and willing to serve those around you without worrying about getting something in return because your reward is already secure—no matter what comes your way, He is always faithful and true! 

At the end of the day, putting God first should be our main priority as we enter into the New Year—not only because it pleases Him but because it brings us joy too! If we focus on setting goals that honor Him, living out our faith each day, and serving others with joy and gratitude then we can rest assured knowing that we’re doing exactly what He has called us to do! So let’s make 2023 a year full of faithfulness towards Him and trust that He will lead us down paths of blessing as we seek His face!